The Perfect Companion For The Distinguished Gentleman

Feast Your Eyes Upon Me
Maybe you have certain outfits that you'd like me to wear. You know I can't wait to model them for you. You do not have anything to lose when you're with me. I create an environment where you can open up and tell me everything that you have ever wanted. Having girls come direct to you is just one of the many advantages that a Las Vegas trip has to offer.

When you are in town, we can enjoy a wide range of activities. Maybe you would like to see me in formal wear, so that we can check out a show. I love music and would be happy to accompany you. I enjoy a number of different artists. Don't be shy about asking me to head to a concert with you. I have an array of lovely outfits to choose from. Wouldn't you like to help me pick one out?  Of course you would.

Girls Direct To You
Open minded women like me do not come along on an everyday basis. I'm truly special and it is time that you found out why. You will receive your money back if you do not experience total satisfaction. I'm offering the disclaimer if you need reassurance but it has yet to happen....just being honest. That's because I am the type of woman who has an instinctive feel for what men need and want.

You do not have to ask twice when you're with me. Whether you want to head to the casino or back to the room, I can handle anything that comes my way. Looking to check out French Montana at Drai's or a Motley Crue show? I'm just as happy in both settings. My versatility is what makes me such a fun companion.

Don't make me wait any longer, baby. Book me for your next trip and enjoy all of the awesome adventures that I have to offer. There is never a dull moment when you're with me. Those who book me in advance are able to enjoy the best rates and check a very important item off their to do list.